TunSafe's VPN Service

Welcome to our VPN service where we offer privacy completely free of charge. With a continously growing userbase of over one million registered peers and over 200.000 daily active peers we're adding ~5Gbit upstream capacity each week. Please consider making a donation for the operational costs if you like the service.

To get started, download TunSafe or another WireGuard client. Then you download a configuration file below for each server you want to be able to connect to and open it in TunSafe. The private key is generated locally and never leaves the browser.

Please select a server.
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We value integrity and privacy, so the servers do not log any traffic or connections whatsoever.

By using our Services and/or registering for an account, you are accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Points of presence
2.0nl-naa1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands10Gbit/sUp
2.0uk-lon1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535London / United Kingdom1Gbit/sUp
2.0us-nyc1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sUp
1.0nl-ams2-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands10Gbit/sUp
1.0nl-ams1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands10Gbit/sUp
1.0nl-ams4-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands1Gbit/sUp
1.0nl-ams5-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands1Gbit/sUp
1.0ca-mon1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Montreal / Canada1Gbit/sUp
1.0ca-mon2-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Montreal / Canada1Gbit/sUp
1.0ca-mon3-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Montreal / Canada1Gbit/sUp
1.0uk-lon1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535London / United Kingdom1Gbit/sUp
1.0us-nyc1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sUp
1.0us-nyc2-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sUp
1.0de-fra1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Frankfurt / Germany1Gbit/sUp
1.0de-fra2-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Frankfurt / Germany1Gbit/sUp

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