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To let you experience the performance of the WireGuard protocol (and privacy) the TunSafe project hosts a few high-bandwidth VPN servers. These servers are hosted by our in-development TunSafe kernel module in Linux for higher performance.

Create account:
1. Start TunSafe or WireGuard and generate a unique key pair. (Options->Generate Key Pair..)
2. Paste the public key in the field below.
3. Click create account to receive the configuration to import into TunSafe.
4. Set your private key in the configuration.
5. Choose which server to connect by editing the Endpoint setting in the configuration.
6. Click connect in TunSafe and verify that you have a new IP address.

Enter your public key:

The servers are GDPR compatible and do not log any traffic or connections. Connection problems? Please let us know.

Point of presence
nl.tunsafe.com51840Amsterdam / NetherlandsUp
ro.tunsafe.com51840Bucharest / RomaniaUp
us-ny1.tunsafe.com51840New-York / USUp
se.tunsafe.com51840Stockholm / SwedenUp
de.tunsafe.com51840Düsseldorf / GermanyUp

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