Download TunSafe

The installation program is the most convenient way to install TunSafe as it picks the version that matches your computer and automatically installs the virtual network adapter.

The latest version of TunSafe is version 1.4.

Download TunSafe 1.4 Installer (Windows 7 or later, 401 kB)

To learn about what's new in TunSafe, take a look in the Changelog.

Because this client is still in the early days of development it should be considered experimental software. The official WireGuard protocol is also not yet complete, so you should not rely on TunSafe or WireGuard for mission critical data. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. Since TunSafe implements the current WireGuard protocol it shares the same security issues that may be present in the WireGuard protocol. It's your responsability to be up-to-date with the latest versions of TunSafe. Because of this TunSafe is not subject to CVEs.

If you're looking for a Mac OS X version, please see the Development page.

We also have a number of alternative downloads available. Note that TunSafe will not function without a TAP virtual network adapter. The installation program above will assist you with installing that.

The TunSafe software is covered by this license agreement, except for TunSafe-TAP which is covered by GPL 2.0.