TunSafe is a fast and modern layer 3 VPN tunnel that implements the new and modern WireGuard protocol that is becoming increasingly popular in the VPN community due to its security, speed, reliability and ease of use. TunSafe was developed with the goal to bring the power of the WireGuard-protocol to all the Windows users around the world and in March 2018 the first version was released.

Since then, we've also released the source code of the Windows client and of the WireGuard protocol implementation. Resources has been allocated to support more platforms and operating systems.

Please take a moment to read WireGuard's Conceptual Overview to understand how the protocol works. Unlike WireGuard, but similar to OpenVPN, TunSafe runs as a user-mode application and does not run inside of the kernel. To facilitate this, TunSafe uses the TAP-Windows network adapter. This is an open source network adapter created by the OpenVPN team in order to get direct access to the low-level TCP/IP packets.

For performance reasons, it's commonly preferred to run this type of packet routing fully inside of the kernel. However, TunSafe has been carefully tuned and optimized for speed, so the benefits of running it as a user-mode application arguably outweighs the costs. For example, TunSafe won't compromise the stability of your operating system or cause the computer to crash. TunSafe is also easy to configure and upgrade.

Even though the company behind the WireGuard protocol to this date still struggles to release their own Windows client, the release of TunSafe became very controversial and the creator of WireGuard questioned TunSafe's existence. With continuous development and a number of releases TunSafe has now gained reputation as the most reliable WireGuard client for Windows.

Features of the TunSafe client

Features of TunSafe's free VPN service

We also host our own VPN service. It's completely free, completely anonymous, and we have high bandwidth servers around the world.

Supported operating systems

TunSafe is officially supported on the following operating systems.