Using TunSafe on iOS

The iOS client is available for download from the Apple's App store.

TunSafe VPN uses the official TunSafe VPN servers by default. When using those, there's no need to setup an account, just click a single button and all your Internet traffic will be routed anonymously through our servers.

You can also use a custom WireGuard configuration file from any WireGuard VPN provider of your choice.

When connected TunSafe encrypts all your traffic and hides your original IP address.

Unlike other WireGuard clients, TunSafe is written in the C++ programming language to minimize cpu usage, memory usage, and extend battery life.

Why choose TunSafe VPN for iOS?

The official TunSafe VPN servers provide 30 days trial. After these 30 days the bandwidth is limited to 1GB/day. When using your own config files, no limits apply.